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  • prof.dr. J.A. (Jens) Forster - Universiteit van Amsterdam
    found ample support in the psychological literature the third principle the inhibition of goal relevant constructs after goal attainment has received less attention thus far In accordancewith theories in Cognitive and Social Psychology as well as in Motivation and Volition Psychology it issuggested that an enhanced accessibility of goal relevant constructs is adaptive in terms of effective self regulation It helps to detect stimuli in the environment that are instrumental for efficient goal pursuit and thus increases the likelihood of goal achievement In contrast to traditional priming models which would predict a gradual decline of the accessibility of goal relevant constructs over time it is assumed that the goal relevant constructs are immediately inhibited after goal attainment In particular it is assumed that once the respective goal is fulfilled the accessibility of motivation related constructs loses its functionality For example if you have a goal of finding your glasses it is little adaptive to be enduringly occupied with glasses and their possible depositories if thesearched glasses have already been found The accessibility of former goal relevant constructs could even potentially interfere with other tasks that the individual faces In a series of studies we found consistent confidence for post fulfillment inhibition effects in diverse fields such as for example person perception behavior control e g for undesirable effects of thought suppression the post suppressional rebound Liberman Förster 2000 Förster Liberman 2001 Denzler Förster Liberman 2010 Recently we also applied this notion to the cartharsis effect in aggression Denzler Förster Liberman 2009 Denzler Förster Liberman 2010 We findthat under some specific circumstances aggressive acts inhibit aggressive thoughts Future research is needed here to get a clear picture when violence triggers more aggression and when it reduces it The fourth principle too is consistent with a functional view More specifically it is believed that a high motivation is associated with the readiness to invest a lot of energyingoal pursuit and probably gives the respective goal a high priority over other goals We just started to examine these effects in our labs Regulatory Focus Theory Obviously people have a huge variety of goals needs intentions wishes and concerns But what are the major systematic differences among them Regulatory Focus Theory developed by Tory Higgins 1997 for a review see Förster Werth 1999 suggests a basic distinction In a nutshell goals and desired end states are connected to security or to growth Whether a goal entails security or growth depends on structure personality and the situation if the need for self realization and to maximize positive events takes control then attention is focused on reaching ideals and wins If instead the need for security and safety takes precedence then minimizing of losses becomes of the essence In the first case people find themselves in a promotion focus while in the second case they are in a prevention focus As a consequence for people in a promotion or prevention focus the very same event can be perceived in different ways For example a person with a promotion focus may get married to be safe and protected whereas a person with a promotion focusmay rather want to experience new things and to share her life with someone Independent from a person s personality social events and tasks can also be framed in terms of security prevention or growth promotion If for example friendsandfamily convey the message that a marriage provides shelter and security one may eventually adopt this point of view whereas if they encourage the perspectivethat marriage is the romantic start of a wonderful lifetime journey people may embrace this idea instead Our contribution to RFT is the following We found that people in a promotion focus can be motivated better by giving positive feedback whereas motivation for people in a prevention focus is increased by givingthem negative feedback Förster Grant Idson Higgins 2003 Wefound that an approach motivation is related to a promotion focus whereas an avoidance motivation is related to a prevention focus Förster Higgins Idson 1998 and if people perform a strategy approach vs avoidance that fits the respective foci performance is improved Förster et al 1998 We further found that people in a promotion focus are more creative than people in a prevention focus Friedman Förster 2000 2001 2002 2005 2008 2010 This happens among others because people in a promotion focus broaden their categories and their perception they focus on the forest rather than the trees Förster Higgins 2005 Förster Friedman Özelsel Denzler 2006 and a broader scope has been shown to improve creativity Friedman Fishbach Förster Werth 2003 and a search for similarities Förster 2009 Furthermore we showed that when in a promotion focus people are fast but inaccurate whereas those in a prevention focus are slow and accurate however a strong promotion focus can improve even both fast and accurate behavior at the same time Förster Higgins Taylor Bianco 2003 Finally we applied RFT to more social domains such as when people suffer from negative self stereotypes In research with Beate Seibt Seibt Förster 2004 we could show that people exposed to their negative self stereotypes e g a woman exposed to the stereotypeof women cannot do math are set in a prevention focus and as a result show vigilant slow uncreative behavior whereas people exposed to their positive self stereotypes e g a womanexposed to the stereotype of women are good communicators show eager fast and creative behavior Finally we related RFT to the consumer s domain showing that promotion focused people prefer luxury objects e g lipsticks whereas prevention focused people prefer those related to security e g condoms insurances see Werth Förster 2007 Embodiment How does our body influence our mind Does it matter whether we receive feedback while sitting in an upright or in a slumped bodily position What happens if we suppress a smile or aggressive tendencies In my dissertation see Förster Strack 1996 I found that participants who performed a positive behavior nodding automatically learned more positive words than negative words whilefor
    http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/j.a.forster/ (2012-05-18)

  • dr. S.E. (Sevasti-Eva) Fotiadi - University of Amsterdam
    summer semester Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts Art Theory 2nd level BA course Department of Fine Arts winter semester 2008 2009 University of Amsterdam Art since 1945 Modernism Post Modernism Globalism and Post colonialism 2nd level BA course summer semester Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts Art Theory 2nd level BA course Department of Fine Arts summer semester Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts Studium Generale Knowledge Academy lectures series moderator of seminar guest lecturers all levels BA summer semester 2006 2007 University of Amsterdam Gerrit Rietveld Academy of Fine Arts Honours Programme Art and Research 2nd 3 rd levels BA course winter semester New York University Summer Study Abroad Athens Archaeology in Greece all levels BA course summer period Exhibition Curating 2008 Foundation Outline Christine van den Bergh Projects Irene Kopelman Scale 1 2 5 curator solo exhibition Amsterdam 2007 WTCArt Gallery Connecting Cultures Greek Artistic Presence in the Netherlands curator group exhibition Rotterdam 2005 PSWAR Relocated Identities 1 Overexposure co curator group exhibition Amsterdam 2004 Bibliotheca Alexandrina First International Biennial of Printed Artists Books curator Greek participation Alexandria Egypt 2001 2003 Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art Curator Thessaloniki Greece Conferences symposia seminars lectures Organisation 2007 Transformations of Public Space symposium co organiser Stedelijk MuseumAmsterdam 2004 Relocated Identities 1 Overexposure Parallel events program co curator PSWAR Amsterdam Participation 2012 forthcoming Panel Museums and im material meanings latitude and limitation in the articulation of art Material meanings Third Biannual Conference of the European Network for Avant Garde Studies EAM University of Kent U K 7 9 09 2012 From event to archive and to event again Re collecting the 1960s exhibitions Bewogen Beweging Dylaby and Op Losse Schroeven 38 th Association of Art Historians Annual Conference AAH Open University Milton Keynes U K 29 31 3 2012 What do artefacts and artworks do Notes on materiality between archaeology and art Exhibition lecture program Back to the Future About contemporary a rchaeology and our future past Centum Beeldende Kunst Utrecht 27 02 2012 2009 From the centre to the fringes of the city Contemporary Public art in Amsterdam Conference Imagining Amsterdam Visions and Revisions University of Amsterdam and Amsterdam University College Amsterdam 19 21 11 2009 The functions of public art Twentieth century Dutch art in urban planning and architecture in A Second Exhange three day public presentation of REDAiR Red Light Art Artists in Residency Amsterdam Big Time Big Space in Out of The Blue International Symposium onInstant Urbanism Hospitality and Accelerated history Organised by The Blue House Amsterdam Communication Translation in Evaluating Goals of Art Criticism in recently De territorialized Contexts AICA International seminar Skopje F Y R O M Macedonia From national mythologies to national mentalities and to art in Translocal Express Golden Age International Seminar on Collective Memory Nationalism and Contemporary Art KUMU Art Museum Tallinn Estonia Artistic practicesbetween art and in Art for the audience or with the audience State Museum of Contemporary Art Thessaloniki Greece 2008 Guest lecturer three sessions on Space audience in
    http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/s.e.fotiadi/ (2012-05-18)

  • R.K. (Rooske) Franse - Universiteit van Amsterdam
    s Faculteit der Maatschappij en Gedragswetenschappen R K Rooske Franse Programmagroep Ontwikkelingspsychologie Universiteit van Amsterdam Weesperplein 4 1018 XA Amsterdam http home medewerker uva nl r k franse E mail
    http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/r.k.franse/ (2012-05-18)

  • dr. M.L. (Marieke) Fransen - University of Amsterdam
    University of Amsterdam Kloveniersburgwal 48 1012 CX Amsterdam Room D207b Telephone 0205252110 http home medewerker uva nl m l fransen Email no M L Fransen uva nl no Home Title new paragraph Text of the new paragraph Title new paragraph
    http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/m.l.fransen/ (2012-05-18)

  • mr.dr. E.J.A. (Edith) Franssen - Universiteit van Amsterdam
    In Sociaal Maandblad Arbeid nr 7 8 juli augustus 2000 E J A Franssen Legal aspects of the European social dialogue Proefschrift ter verkrijging van de graad van doctor aan de Universiteit Maastricht oktober 2002 E J A Franssen De verplichte inschakeling van Arbo diensten op Europees niveau getoetst In Arbeidsrechtelijke annotaties 2003 3 E J A Franssen Een wettelijk kader voor de Europese sociale dialoog In Sociaal Recht no 4 april 2004 E J A Franssen en A T J M Jacobs De Europese overeenkomst betreffende telewerk en haar implementatie in Nederland In Sociaal Maandblad Arbeid no 7 8 juli augustus 2004 E J A Franssen Schaken voor beginners over openingszetten antwoordzetten en schaakmat in het ontslagrecht In Arbeid Integraal no 4 september 2004 E J A Franssen De uitoefening van collectieve werknemersrechten door het individu op basis van het Handvest van de grondrechten van de Europese Unie In Arbeidsrechtelijke Annotaties 2006 1 E J A Franssen en A T J M Jacobs Hoe dwingend is de Nederlandse ontslagbescherming bij arbeidsovereenkomsten naar vreemd recht In Sociaal Recht no 4 april 2006 E J A Franssen Ziekte als gevolg van alcohol of drugsgebruik In S Klosse red Arbeid en Gezondheid Schipperen tussen verantwoordelijkheid en bescherming H ad Geers het geweten Maastricht 2006 E J A Franssen 10 jaar Europees arbeidsrecht regelingen met betrekking tot grensoverschrijdende arbeid In Arbeid Integraal 2006 3 E J A Franssen Bij inlenen blijft veel onzeker In Het Financieële Dagblad 15 mei 2007 E J A Franssen Til niet te zwaar aan uitspraak In Het Financieële Dagblad 5 juli 2007 E J A Franssen Burn out kost soms grof geld In Het Financieële Dagblad 26 juli 2007 E J A Franssen Seniorendagen goed In Het Financieële Dagblad 12 september 2007 E J A Franssen Eigen risico drager worden voor de WGA wat gaat dat kosten In P O Actueel 21 september 2007 E J A Franssen Loondoorbetaling aan zieke werknemers als gevolg van alcohol en drugs nog steeds onduidelijk In P O Actueel 13 november 2007 E J A Franssen en G J J Heerma van Voss Doorwerking van bronnen van het arbeidsrecht op de verplichtingen van werkgever en werknemer In Sociaal Recht 2006 11 E J A Franssen Bij verslaving behandeling maar beter niet weigeren In Het Financieële Dagblad 3 december 2007 E J A Franssen Over Polen Roemenen en de laatste ontwikkelingen inzake de Wet Arbeid Vreemdelingen In Arbeid Integraal 2007 4 E J A Franssen Staking en EG recht geen paniek In Het Financieele Dagblad 11 januari 2008 E J A Franssen Vergoeding bij ontslag blijft onbelast In Het Financieele Dagblad 7 februari 2008 E J A Franssen Ontslag van de alcoholverslaafde werknemer mag dat of niet In Ars Aequi no 2 februari 2008 E J A Franssen Het eigenrisicodragerschap voor de WIA meer haken en ogen dan men denkt In Arbeidsrecht 2008 3 E J A Franssen Boekbesprekingover proefschrift van C Welz over de Europese sociale dialoog In SMA 2008 6 E
    http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/e.j.a.franssen/ (2012-05-18)

  • dr. G.E.H.I. (Gaston) Franssen - Universiteit van Amsterdam
    University of Tilburg and Utrecht University and was managing director of the Dutch Graduate School for Literary Studies OnderzoekSchool Literatuurwetenschap OSL In 2008 he defended his PhD thesis gerrit kouwenaar en de politiek van het lezen Nijmegen Vantilt an analysis of the interpretive conventions at work in Dutch poetry criticism His current research focuses on the impact of cultural diversification on modern literature and literary culture Research topics include contemporary Dutch and American English literature reception aesthetics bestseller authorship literary celebrity performance poetry therapeutic fiction fictional therapy and the relationship between literature and popular culture in general In 2010 2011 the results of this research were presented at conferences in Amsterdam Utrecht Groningen Louvain Ghent St Andrews Loughborough and Berlin Franssen is also a member of Kiez21 and De Schaduwakademie gerrit kouwenaar en de politiek van het lezen OSL Currect research activities thesis supervision possible Celebrity Authors between Literature and Popular Culture Literary Bestsellers Between Prestige and Profit Fear of Fiction Literature Autofiction Therapy Performance poetry Interdiscursivity Adaptation Remediation Literary Celebrity and the Discourse on Authorship in Dutch Literature article in JDL On Dutch performance poetry in the 1960s book contribution in press PhD supervision Together with Prof Dr Thomas
    http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/g.e.h.i.franssen/ (2012-05-18)

  • T.P. (Thomas) Franssen - Universiteit van Amsterdam
    student at the AISSR working in the fields of cultural sociology sociological theory and globalization I just came back from a short stay at the Center for Cultural Sociology CCS at Yale University Between September and December 2011 I did research on the practices of international literary scouts in New York that work for Dutch publishers My PhD thesis concerns changes in the Dutch literary field between 1980 and 2009
    http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/t.p.franssen/ (2012-05-18)

  • drs. M. Freeke - Universiteit van Amsterdam
    mail no M Freeke uva nl no Marijke Engels Freeke Curriculum Drs Diergeneeskunde 1977 Universiteit van Utrecht Drs Psychologie 1988 Universiteit van Amsterdam Docent Methoden van Onderzoek 2 in het tweede bachelorjaar Naast de colleges geeft zij werkgroepen om de studenten die moeite hebben met de stof wat extra hulp en steun te geven Docent Applied Continuous Multivariate Analysis Begeleider van de Methodologiewinkel waarin studenten Methodenleer stage kunnen lopen en
    http://home.medewerker.uva.nl/m.freeke/ (2012-05-18)